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Trina & Crystal's Free Icons and Graphics!

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Trina & Crystal's Free Icons and Graphics!
This is trina_crys's graphics journal. There's two of us, Trina & Crystal. We normally will say who made a batch of icons/graphics when we post. No credit is required for anything you take, but a comment would be nice. If you do choose to credit, please credit this community. We don't do requests. Basically we'll be making whatever pops into our twisted little minds.

Software We Use

Photoshop CS3
PaintShopPro 8
AnimationShop 3
Ulead Gif Animator 5
Image Ready

[Brushes, Textures & Bases]

ca_pris cdg linda_87
_joni liminalstate hanako_lovely
FrozenEyes Spy-Glass.Net Digital-Nexus
butnotquite lil_brokenangel Obsidiandawn
david_lucena addicted_smiles contrariwise
Stargazer Luciferous-Glow Blackriderrom
Sunira Valxon Scully7491
Bleeding-Dragon Synthexstock Deathoflight
Falln-Brushes XxMortanixX Luana
Shiranui Elizavetbrushes Spikesbint
undersea_design omg_pretty illegitima
mutsie_brushes Aberspaho Trine
Selenheart 500ML Anodyne-Stock
Kittyd-Stock WyckedBrush Rauvinne
DBZMerciter Pharaohworks Hg2005
Rustinholbert Dragonmaster2k5 Vinh291
Dyoselin Andrear77 Giegie
dj43 Trillianastra Scarlett-O
Jessamika Ayumik RL-Brushes
saharaam 77words angelfish_icons
Shadymedusa-Stock Inobscuro cooloring
Schematization EndlessDeep EbonyMusic
Carmel5530 Coolwing Paulalaloca
Shadow-Brushes Chockinggonstatic Lost-Fan
wonderland__ Wolfgrrlone Luxbella
Musicofnight Princesspeach0221 Lefirebolt
Lilbrokenangel Ch4rom Kissncontrol
offbeat_upbeat xgraphicjunkie liminalstate
mrs6 Cassie47 dunndunn
Dark Garden Solenero73 Javierzhx
Purplefeen Two-Players Crystalsc
Firefly Designs Luana Silenserazzleteddy
xcugglesx bluerose30 alien_dreams

Awards From Icon Contest We've Won